Who Are We?

Great ideas are normally generated but the vast majority of them are not transformed into reality. Our company ‘Ideas In Action’ Limited (iAct) is tax-compliant registered in Tanzania with Tax Identification Number 127-532-931. We specifically provide a platform for great ideas to be transformed into action. Our individual team-members have met different milestones at different levels. For greater impact, we have assembled together as a team whose members' skills and experiences complement each other. Our expertise spans across multiple areas including, but not limited, to data management, application development, scientific modeling, data analysis, and conducting field-based research projects. We have individual experiences varying from 3 to 10 years. Our team is comprised of individuals with excellent academic backgrounds, from academic writing, research experience and project management

What Do We Do?

Ideas in Action Limited (‘iAct’) provides a platform for ideas generated from multiple disciplines to be transformed into tangible output, specifically, with several units such as,

  • To provide a team that can conduct qualitative and quantitative research
  • To implement research ideas that has undergone a proof of concept phase with promising results so that the findings can directly impact the community;
  • To develop software-based ideas into user friendly applications; To develop paper and electronic based data collections tool and provide trained individuals for field data collection ,
  • To perform data analysis so that data-oriented ideas can be transformed into actions
  • To support any other ideas (AOI) with potentials to be transformed into tangible products

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